REHVA updates air conditioning guidelines in Covid’s times

Federation of European associations of heating, cooling and air conditioning companies has updated its online guidelines in line with Covid-19 pandemic recommendations.

Coronavirus containment also relies on air conditioning systems for proper management. For this reason ENERSEM, which has been working together with Vodafone on the air conditioning systems of their Italian headquarters in Milan for the last 3 years, updates its processes according to the guidelines provided during the pandemic by REHVA, Federation of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations.

REHVA last update from in April already incorporated the latest evidence and data starting with the ongoing review of Dutch literature on the subject by Dr. Francesco Franchimon, supported by the joint effort of an international pool of REHVA’ experts. The ever changing global situation and the constant acquisition of new information about Covid-19 made it necessary to refresh the guidelines of a document which has always been considered “in evolution”.

Industry executives, in particular, need to take into account:

  • data related to the stability of Covid-19 at different temperatures;
  • recommendation of an investigation of heat recovery plants;
  • ways to protect maintenance personnel;
  • 15 practical measures for operating the services in buildings.

All updates of August release are available here.