Industry 4.0, RSE with ENERSEM in policy studies for energy efficiency

Italian “Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico”, controlled by GSE, has chosen the start-up hosted at Politecnico University for the analysis of some practical applications of technologies, first highlighted by the Industry Plan 4.0 and now by the Transition Plan 4.0.

To analyze energy efficiency we need efficient analyses. Therefore, to study policies supporting energy efficiency in industrial processes, RSE has chosen a partner that has been living and breathing energy efficiency since its inception as a start-up incubated in PoliHub. ENERSEM is a spin-off of Milan Politecnico University focused on analyses and solutions for a smarter use of energy. RSE has entrusted it with analysis to support the ongoing research project on energy efficiency in industry.

The RSE project is part of the System Research Program 2019-2021 with the aim to support with appropriate analysis and evaluation the carbon reduction objectives of the sector, as foreseen by PNIEC. ENERSEM’s consulting will examine the costs/benefits generated by the technologies foreseen first by the Industry Plan 4.0, now by the recent decree for Transition 4.0.. This will allow RSE to estimate the potential o reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions of the Business Plan 4.0.

ENERSEM makes available to RSE all the experience developed working on energy efficiency with companies across the civil and industrial sectors. Some of the tools daily put in place by ENERSEM and now at the service of RSE survey include audits, analysis of archived data, software for their diversified reading:

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