We see solutions others don’t

We work to discover the energy hidden behind every unexplored perspective. We lead our clients to observe “the other side of the Moon”, interpreting their specific needs through a powerful mix of advanced modelling, modular software and endless curiosity.

This is the spirit of ENERSEM, which means “Energy & Resources’ Smart and Efficient Management”.

This is the team.

Matteo Zanchi

Environmental engineer and researcher at the Politecnico University, in Milan, I have gained over 20 years experience in companies and institutions, public and private, as manager of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, in Italy and abroad. Consultant of the European Commission for the evaluation of funding calls, with ENERSEM adventure I’m discovering every day the professional excitement of entrepreneurship and the social mission of this work. I am proud to lead a group of brilliant colleagues from the start-up phase to the more established stage. I am passionate about cycling and try to use it also for business trips from my home town in Brianza to Milan.

Antoine Frein

Energy engineer in France and researcher at the Politecnico University, in Milan, here I did a PhD in the Energy Department after obtaining a double degree in Denmark dedicated to renewable energy. I am an expert in the integration of renewable energy sources and thermal recovery in industrial processes, numerical analysis and systems dynamic simulation, which in ENERSEM I apply to the monitoring and diagnostics during energy audits. I deal with Research and Development, devoting myself especially to products for Industry 4.0, for example with Cimberio S.p.A.. When I don't work, I dedicate myself to family, friends and mountain sports: in particular, I really appreciate ski mountaineering.

Emanuele Mason

Environmental engineer and researcher at the Politecnico University, in Milano, I specialize in algorithms to optimize the use of natural resources, putting together data of various kinds and taking care to communicate and visualize the results. My work in ENERSEM focuses on modelling, programming and software architecture. Specifically, I develop and implement dynamic conceptual models and models based on Machine Learning techniques in Energy field and experimental data management platforms. As a programmer, I design computer architecture of cloud systems. In my spare time, I practice traditional Chinese martial arts: Meihuaquan and Tai Chi.

Matteo Muscherà

Construction engineer and researcher in the Energy sector at Politecnico University, in Milan, I am an expert in monitoring, energy diagnosis in civil and industrial field, analysis and optimization of HVAC plants. For ENERSEM I am taking care of the audits for LIFE TTGG project, in Italy and other European countries: the aim is to quantify consumption and to elaborate a range of solutions for energy efficiency and environmental footprint reduction. When I take off the ENERSEM jacket I love to wear the No. 3 for Friday soccer or embrace my electric guitar for some rock'n'roll. Although, with a baby at home, rock'n'roll never stops.

Riccardo Nesa

Energy engineer and researcher in the field of energy efficiency, in ENERSEM I developed management and operational skills that allowed me to confront immediately with important players such as Edison, Vodafone and Cimberio. I carry out energy diagnostics aimed at identifying efficiency solutions for the use and conversion of energy, with particular attention to sustainability. I use my skills for consulting and for the design of new commercial products for industrial air conditioning. When I am not at work, I consume all my energy in demanding sports that require control and determination such as horseback riding and mountain climbing.

Noemi Barrera

After a Master’s degree in Mathematical Engineering, I obtained a double Ph.D. between Italy - in Mathematical Physics - and France - in Mechanical Engineering - with a thesis on smart materials. After three years of research at the University of Tel Aviv and a collaboration with the Politecnico of Milano, I started my adventure with ENERSEM. I focus on algorithm development, mainly dealing with optimization and data analysis problems. My goal is to support the mathematical formalization of problems and the implementation of Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms. Besides research, I have some other passions: playing piano, reading, swimming and hiking.

Fabrizio Mayta Moscoso

Mario Motta

I am coordinator of RELAB - Renewable heating and cooling Laboratory - and professor at the Department of Energy of Politecnico University, Milan. I direct the operations of about 30 researchers, dealing with rational use of energy, renewable energy in the civil sector, “smart sustainable districts” and scenario analysis for decarbonisation. Over the years I have established and coordinated governmental working groups on solar energy and decarbonisation of the national economy, and for the International Energy Agency.

Daniela Faggion

ENERSEM is a company hosted in PoliHub.

PoliHub is the Innovation District & Startup Accelerator of Politecnico di Milano, managed by the University Foundation. It currently counts more than 100 realities among startups and companies operating in different Innovation fields – from Design to ICT, from Biomed to Industrial & Manufacturing, from Cleantech to Micro & Nano Technologies – and more generally develop products and services with high technological and creative content. Awarded in the World Top 5 Best University Incubator, by UBI Global Ranking 2019- 2020, Polihub supports highly innovative startups with a scalable business model through Acceleration, Mentorship and Advisory programs.

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