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We are an innovative company, a Politecnico University spin-off based in Milan. We work making the most of the possibilities offered by Artificial Intelligence and IoT for Industry 4.0. Our engineers realize consulting projects for energy efficiency. They also develop: the Energy Management System by ENERSEM, company’s proprietary software platform to monitor and manage plants in a smarter way; the Knolval system, that integrates software and smart valves for HVAC system management. This project marks a new course, with the entrance in Enersem of the assets of Cimberio S.p.A..

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Energy Management System

The Energy Management System by ENERSEM is a subscription service for a cloud-based software. From monitoring to analytics, up to remote control, you can manage your energy in a simple and effective way.


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Does your company need to improve comfort and reduce air conditioning costs and emissions? Here you find the right answer from Industry 4.0.

KnolvalTM system integrates software and smart valves for HVAC system management in warehouses and factories, perfect to cut bills and contain emissions, elevating the comfort of your production and warehouse environments.

KnolvalTM is a real Building Management System (BMS) dedicated to air conditioning, with a series of precise and concrete advantages:

It lives and works on the Google cloud, so it's always safe and up-to-date

It adapts to any existing BMS and does not force you to change it

If it doesn't find a BMS, he doesn't force to buy one

It makes the most of existing systems (retrofit)

It identifies waste and malfunctioning

It monitors the continuity of the system.

KnolvalTM system integrates software and smart valves for HVAC systems management in warehouses and factories.

Consulting, software, research and development for energy efficiency


Civil sector


We help companies to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning, contain costs and improve customers and employees’ experiences both in commercial (hypermarkets, multiplex cinemas, shops), professional services (offices, corporate offices) and residential environments.

Industrial sector


We improve the use of energy and reduce the environmental impact of leading factories and plants on the domestic and international scene. We facilitate heat recovery and utilities optimization, with software able to address different needs.

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