Duration: 3 years from December 2019.
Budget: 9 million euro.

The LombHe@t project aims to reduce pollution and mitigate the effects of global warming through low environmental impact, intelligent and efficient heating systems. The action is coordinated by a2a calore e servizi and involves Ariston Thermo Group – Innovative Technologies, Fondazione Politecnico and ENERSEM.
We collaborate with industrial partners in the development of predictive algorithms for energy efficiency and maintenance of district heating systems and for the optimal operation of heat pump heating systems.
Low environmental impact and efficiency are the keywords of this project, included in the wider “Call Hub Research and Innovation” program. With it Regione Lombardia intends to support the usage of new technologies and facilitate relations between business and academic world.
For further details, please refer to the dedicated page of the “a2a calore e servizi” website.