Energy Management System

Energy care is easier and more effective with the Energy Management System by ENERSEM. This is a subscription service for a cloud-based software. You can check your energy performances and the impact of the energy efficiency measures you adopted from everywhere, anytime.

What you can do with the EMS by ENERSEM?

  1. Inspect consumption trends and verify the achievement of monitoring objectives
  2. Share your company energy and environmental KPIs on web and social networks
  3. Become aware of the consumption profile of your machineries and find out the number of processed items and the maintenance status that make them work at maximum efficiency
  4. Discover how much energy is used for producing your items and simulate the total consumption under alternative production plans
  5. Check the power quality in your plant or tertiary site to identify how and where you can reduce the reactive component of the energy bill
  6. Monitor energy consumption, performance and service rendered of your utilities, from chillers to cooling circuits and evaporative towers, to diathermic oil circuits, to air handling units and more
  7. Optimize the usage of your utilities according to the actual load

Software features


Simple and clear paths of analytics, designed by ENERSEM’s engineers to deliver the information you need without getting lost in details. You can receive notifications via e-mail or SMS when thresholds are exceeded and never worry about energy management anymore.


Behind the scenes, we use cutting-edge technologies, machine learning and advanced control systems such as model predictive control, to provide competitive tools on the global market. ENERSEM is a spinoff of the Politecnico di Milano and keeps a research-oriented mindset.

Data security

We use the best cloud technologies of Google to ensure the security of your data. We continuously update the software without additional fees.
Your data is always accessible and downloadable in .csv or .xls format or via REST API. Moreover, the gateways we use provide local redundancy of the monitored data.

Zero configuration required

Forget the configuration: since the preliminary analysis, an ENERSEM expert is always available to tailor the software to your needs and requirements.

Plannet has chosen the Energy Management System by ENERSEM for its Compass 10 suite

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