Consulting, software, research and development for efficiency in the civil sector

Energy efficiency influences the well-being of all of us. That is why through our consulting and processing work we help companies to

  • reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning;
  • improve the experiences of clients and employees;
  • contain costs.

Our solutions fit in the following fields:

  • commercial: cinemas, shopping malls and shops, cruise ships;
  • professional services: offices and workplaces;
  • residential: old and new buildings.

Success stories

Efficiency solutions for the civil sector

We develop software platforms that provide, in real time, the right data to the right people, in particular the company executives who are in charge of:

  • guaranteeing the comfort and safety of the environment, also in reference to new Covid-19 pandemic needs;
  • monitoring and reducing building consumption, for instance by defining environmental set points and schedules;
  • monitoring the status of assets and utilities, supported by our predictive maintenance algorithms.

We work on specific and cutting-edge requirements, such as:

  • management, optimization and telecontrol of HVAC systems, also with smart thermostats;
  • increase the smart readiness index of buildings, with solutions compatible with Industry 4.0;
  • monitoring and verification of the energy efficiency interventions carried out, also supporting TEE projects;
  • energy diagnostics in accordance with ISO 16247;
  • support for the development of energy management systems certified according to ISO 50001.

Energy Management System

With the Energy Management System by ENERSEM you can adopt all the solutions we have described and achieve a state-of-the-art energy management. For example, you can monitor your consumption, securely store your data and digitize all processes in a simple and effective way.

Do you want to understand how it works in practice?

Explore the features on the dedicated page or contact us for a free demo.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

Data collection, organization and analysis. Return of summary and targeted information.

Feedback and remote control

Feedback and remote control

Automatic and optimized asset management. Remote control of management parameters.

Measurement and verification

Measurement and verification

Savings’ reports supporting TEE projects.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Analysis of performance trends. Targeted and customizable notifications’ system.

Curiosity, questions and requests are warmly welcome. Feel free to tell us your need and sector and we will immediately open a dialogue with your company.

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